Life is movement. Movement frees the body and the imagination.
To move is to sense. Sensing movement is an anchor to awareness.
To sense is to connect. Sensing within allows reaching out.


We explore awareness-based movement as a way to live more deeply, healthily and fully. We work with:
– Movers
exploring the beauty of science and making connections with movement
– Scientists/clinicians/scholars 
using body awareness to play with the subjective experience of research
– People
bringing accessible movement and accessible science to all

We like to get movers, researchers and people together to talk, listen, think and move



We think the subjective and the objective have much to learn from each other
We celebrate beauty, sensitivity and peer reviewed research
We critically appraise scientific studies, asking lots of awkward questions
We move, discuss, sense, read, reflect, rest and try not to take ourselves too seriously
We welcome thinkers, movers, writers, educators, artists and curious people of all kinds

We like to

Invite people to experience things in their bodies in order to create conversations about science

Explore body-based ways of knowing that honour scientific research

Give voice to the world of inner experience

Events Science Movement
Retreats & exploration days, both inside and in nature Imagery, rhythm, embodied cognition, interoception, mindfulness and more Inspired by qigong, Pilates, yoga, somatics and more