Elaine Westwick PhD


I am a movement teacher and somatic explorer with a background in science. I like bringing diverse groups of people together to play with how being a body effects who we are and what we do.

I originally studied biochemistry (degree from Oxford University followed by a PhD from St Andrews University) and went on to set up a scientific data management group at Astex Pharmacueticals in Cambridge, then a new biotech.. I took a career break after my first son was born, retraining as a Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates, initially until my children started school. However, as I got deeper into various movement traditions I have found my intellectual curiosity being fed in wonderful new ways and I haven’t looked back.

I went on to qualify in Qigong and Clubbell yoga and I am currently training in Authentic Movement with Linda Hartley. I love the challenge of grounding my teaching in research evidence and bridging the gap between the experiential world of movement and the rigours of science. Although science often enlightens my movement experience, it sometimes obscures it, creating fascinating tensions. I’m interested in science as only one way of knowing about the world, and how our personal experience can add deeper and often surprising layers to that knowledge.

I have created events at diverse locations, including the Cambridge Science Festival, the Wellcome Collection on Euston Road and a hidden retreat in the President’s Garden at St John’s College, Oxford.

“The order of bodily experience offers a source of meaning that deconstructs conventional understandings. It has the potential to be subversive.”  Greg Madison

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