Science tends to be dominated by head-centred thinking. But can the undercurrents of bodily sensations and feelings help shape scientific knowledge and wisdom? Can we explore subjective experience whilst keeping in mind the rigours of objective enquiry? Come and play with these questions using discussion, sensation, stillness and gentle movement.

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Date Event
Saturday 10 March 2018 What Really Goes on Inside our Heads?!
Thursday 1 March 2018 Adventures in Mental Imagery
North Building, All Saints Church, Little Shelford


Date Event
Friday 7 July 2017 Embodied Imagery – shifting identities
Ellen Terry Building, Coventry University, Coventry
Friday 21 April 2017 Women Embodying Power – an evening of gentle movement, sensation and stillness
The Cass Centre, Cambridge
Saturday 25 March 2017 Somatic Movement Gathering - Rhythm and entrainment
Siobhan Davies Studios, London
Monday 13 March 2017 Cambridge Science Festival - Where do you feel hunger in your body?
Friends’ Meeting House, Cambridge


Date Event
Sunday 30 October 2016 Movement, Meaning and Memory - Cambridge Festival of Ideas
Saturday 9 July 2016 Open Platform - Feeling Inside
Wellcome Collection, London
Thursday 30 June 2016 Breath and Being – from Molecules to Meaning
New Biochemistry Building, Oxford
Sunday 19 June 2016 Mini retreat - Feeling Inside
Johnson Hall, Stapleford
Saturday 19 March 2016 Cambridge Science Festival - A Gentle Exploration of the Breath
Friends’ Meeting House, Cambridge
Friday 4 March 2016 WOW Women of the World - Cambridge Fringe
Friends’ Meeting House, Cambridge
Thursday 4 February 2016 Being and Breath
Wellcome Collection, London
Sunday 10 January 2016 Mini Retreat - Inner Compassion
Grantchester Village Hall, Grantchester


Date Event
Saturday 7 November 2015 Mini Retreat - Embodied Imagery
Grantchester Village Hall, Grantchester
Saturday 10 October 2015 Embodied Science Retreat
The Cass Centre, Cambridge
Saturday 20 June 2015 Mini Retreat - Finding your Rhythm
Grantchester Village Hall, Grantchester
Sunday 4 January 2015 Mini Retreat - Movement and Meaning
Grantchester Village Hall, Grantchester

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