Saturday 10th October 2015
10am – 1pm   &   2.30pm – 5.30pm
The Cass Centre, Cambridge CB2 8BS

A full body immersion in the wonder of the world


A special, gentle day to explore the body and its place in the world. We will play with concepts and ideas from science, giving them form and meaning in our bodies.

Those without a science background are welcome (we value your questions), those who don’t see themselves as movers are also welcome (movement will be offered in a way that allows you to remain comfortable).

10am – 1pm: Rhythm, entrainment and synchrony
“Time is the river that sweeps me along, but I am the river” Jorge Luis Borges

  • How embodied movement and breathwork can promote coherence of bodily rhythms
  • The power of interpersonal synchrony – theory and practise
  • An exploration of rhythmic breathing and moving
  • Finding resonance with daily and annual rhythms of rest and activity
  • The link between health and body rhythms

2.30pm – 5.30pm: Imagery and metaphor
“Let your imagination stroke you from within” Ruthie Alon

  • Types of imagery – visual, motor, sensory – theory and practise
  • Qigong – the ancient art of embodied imagery
  • Imagery in cognitive science and psychology – a taster of contemporary research
  • Experience embodied imagery in both movement and stillness

We will explore fundamental science and recent research blended with movement and reflection. There will be time for discussion and plenty of ideas to take home.  A reference list will be provided.

Elaine Westwick is a scientist by training and a movement teacher by trade. She started life as a biochemist, first in academia (PhD biochemistry) and then in cancer drug discovery. After a pause to have children she qualified to teach Pilates, qigong and yoga, and became increasingly drawn to the embodied side of the work. Her teaching and experience of movement are inspired and deepened by the beauty of the natural world.

The Cass Centre is 10-15 minutes walk from Cambridge train station, trains run to London Kings Cross in 50 minutes. Free parking is available.

More information on embodied science can be found here or email to say hello.

Open to movers, scientists, writers, educators, thinkers and all who are generally curious. Come on your own or bring a friend. Booking details are below. Payment can be made online (please email for bank details), by cheque (email for address) or regular attendees can bring to class.  

Body Control Pilates teachers can claim 15 BCP points for each half day.

Cancellation policy: full refund up to three weeks before the event. Less than three weeks full – refund only if place can be filled from waiting list.

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Embodied Science Retreat