Oxfordshire Science Festivaloxscifest

Thurs 30th June – 6.30pm-8pm
New Biochemistry Building, Oxford OX1 3QU


Do bodily experiences affect the way we do science?

Enquire into the felt sense of breathing, emotion and molecular anatomy.

A participatory workshop for the curious mind.

Join Embodied Science founder Elaine Westwick for an intimate evening amongst the artwork in the atrium of the New Biochemistry building. Come and explore your own rhythms of breathing, find out about the links between the breath and emotions, and learn how a scientist’s body is (unknowingly) involved in the process of research.

The New Biochemistry building has an innovative, open structure and is home to a series of art installations. The workshop will be held on the lower ground floor – a relaxed space with armchairs and a grand piano.

Booking via Oxfordshire Science Festival website.

Pre-book, limited to 30 participants, suitable for over 14s.


Dr Elaine Westwick studied biochemistry at Oxford in the 1990s. Embodied Science explores the interplay between subjective body-based knowledge and objective science and runs regular events in the Cambridge area and beyond.



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Breath and Being – from Molecules to Meaning