Friday 21st April 2017
Cass Centre, Cambridge, CB2 8BS

How do we express our authentic selves through our bodies? In this participatory workshop we will imagine, move, reflect and rest, listening to the stories of our sensations.

We will explore the “felt sense” of the body, bringing us in touch with our full-bodied, creative potential. We will take up the space that is ours.

Movements will be guided and accessible, with the option to move from a seated position. There will be live music accompaniment.

Cross-generational conversations encouraged – bring your daughter or your mother (or bring a friend or come on your own).

Is this a dance event?
Not really. The movements will be based on Qigong, a gentle Chinese movement art (a bit like Taichi but with lots of imagery and no partner work). The movements will be guided (ie there is someone at the front to copy).

Will we be moving for the whole 90 minutes?
No. We will move for about 30 minutes in total. There will also be a guided rest (lying on the floor under a blanket) and discussion in small groups.

Do I need to bring anything? What should I wear?
Just bring yourself and an open mind. Wear something that won’t restrict your movement, we will take shoes off.

Are men invited?
Sorry, this event is for women only.

Why no under 12’s?
The movement and relaxation ask for a fair amount of awareness-based focus, mostly in silence.

Elaine Westwick teaches awareness-based movement. She likes to bring diverse groups of people together to explore how being a body effects who we are and what we do. She has created participatory events at the Oxfordshire Science Festival, the Cambridge Festival of Ideas and the Wellcome Collection on Euston Road.

Jan Lee is a musician, improviser, dancer. Working from unfolding streams of perception and relationship to the immediate environments, she researches playing between music and movement in a fluid relationship, grounded in listening and playfulness.  She finds ways in as a musician to support and infuse energy through spaces of jam, class and performance. She is delighted to join Abby and Elaine in this workshop celebrating Women Embodying Power.

Abby Wollston is an adventurous professional cellist and music therapist happy in multiple musical worlds including classical and early music, multi-media improvisation involving collaborations across art forms such as experimental film and movement. She believes that providing attuned live musical responses can enhance and deepen our individual and collective experience of movement and visualisation and is looking forward to working with Jan and Elaine and all participants.

The Cass Centre has free parking and is 10 minutes walk from Cambridge station.

Cancellation policy: refund available up to 3 weeks before the event. £1 Paypal processing fee and £2 admin fee charged per booking.

The Paypal booking form is at the bottom of the page on our sister website Movement Space.

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Women Embodying Power – an evening of gentle movement, sensation and stillness