Saturday 25th March 2017 – 10.30am-12 noon

This workshop is part of the Somatic Movement Gathering.

In this experiential session we will explore shared rhythm in all its forms. Movement practises will be derived from somatically inspired Qigong, with its traditions of imagery, awareness of energetic rhythms and rootedness in the cycles of nature. Through movement and reflection we will find embodied connections with some simple but profound theoretical concepts.

We will explore the idea of entrainment – how we are pulled and moulded by the rhythms of others, society and the planet. And we will discuss how we might work with both the beneficial and destructive effects of these influences.

Elaine has taught community Pilates classes for over a decade. She is a qualified Qigong teacher and is inspired by Authentic Movement. She has created participatory events to explore tensions between science-based and body-based ways of knowing at the Oxfordshire Science Festival, the Cambridge Science Festival and the Wellcome Collection. 

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Somatic Movement Gathering – Rhythm and entrainment