Coventry University
7-9th July 2017


Embodied Imagery – shifting identities

Imagery is a powerful way to see the world from the point of view of another. In this workshop, we will shrink our anthropo-centres and explore the experience of the corporeal non-human. What connects a wing with an arm? How do subterranean connections link a forest, root by root and tree by tree? Could we lose and find ourselves in the slow cycles of the planet?

Inspired by the ancient body-based imagery of Qigong, participants will be invited to enter the world of woodlands, sunrises, dragons, tigers and eagles. Together, we will set out on a shared, multisensory, imagery adventure. Images will be offered as suggestions with opportunities to expand and explore them individually. We will move with our images and rest in them so they can move within us.

There will be time to find words around our subjective experiences and to hear those of others. Do we “feel” images in the body or “see” them in the mind’s eye? What could we learn about our humanness by entering into the body-mind space of the unfamiliar other? Does embodied imagery change how we relate to different species and help us sense our place on the planet?


Elaine Westwick has been teaching community Pilates classes for over a decade, she is a qualified Qigong teacher and draws inspiration from Authentic Movement. She has a science background (a PhD in biochemistry) which both informs and obscures her experiences of movement, leading to fascinating tensions. Elaine has created participatory events at the Oxfordshire Science Festival, the Cambridge Festival of Ideas and the Wellcome Collection.


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Embodied Imagery – shifting identities