Women’s Festival, St John’s College Oxford

Saturday 10th March

Workshop: What Really Goes on Inside our Heads?!

How close can we get to knowing about the internal world of another person? Is it even possible to know much about our own inner experiences? We will use the experience of mental imagery, or the seeing of an image in the mind’s eye, to explore our inner landscapes. How similar are our internal senses to those of other people? And are we able to put those experiences into words? In this light-hearted session we will explore our own “what’s-it-likeness” and find out about those of others.



Elaine read Biochemistry at St John’s in the 1990s and went on to study for a PhD and work in the biotech industry. She took a break from science with the birth of her first son and retrained to teach Pilates. She is now an independent educator/researcher/practitioner in Somatics – a discipline that explores the individual felt experience as expressed through movement, relationship and dialogue. She has run participatory events at the Wellcome Collection, the Cambridge Festival of Ideas and the Oxfordshire Science Festival – www.embodiedscience.com


For alumni, staff and students of St John’s College.

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What Really Goes on Inside our Heads?!